Google App for Android TV APK

Google App for Android TV APK:

Google app for Android TV APK is an official app for Android TV that help us to watch Audiovisual content. It is the fastest and easy way to explore music, movies, series, and other content for your smart TV. It is a collection of apps specifically designed to be used on Android TVs. Google App for Android got its new update on the 7th of December, 2022. This App is free of cost. Furthermore, it is 100% safe and secure with the fastest download.

Using Google TV APK, you can watch whatever you want at any time on your Android TV. This Application has lots of things to offer. You can watch your favorite movies, series, documentary, music, Live TV shows, and many others. Besides these, you can also watch live streaming, Netflix, and youtube videos. It also has many other incredible features that make this Android Application most fascinating. It can detect your voice. You can use your voice to quickly search for movies, series, TV shows, and many other videos. You must say “hey Google” or press the microphone button. So, you can easily search for the latest updates and continue watching series and videos. Another interesting feature of the Android TV app is playing music on the Smart TV. In addition to these, this Application is easy to navigate.

Google app is not pre-install on your smart TV. If you have Smart TV at home, you can install it from the link above and maximize your entertainment with the Google TV app. It is a broad platform that offers various joys and interests. You can also download various other apps from this platform. You must download this Application if you have Android TV at your home. Download and install this Application now and explore and enjoy its wide variety of content and entertainment.

Features of Google App for Android TV APK:

The Google app for Android TV APK has many awesome features. These awesome features make this Application most interesting and amusing. Some of the incredible features of this Application are given below ;

Voice search:

Use your voice to do more on your Android TV. You can play your favorite music track by using the Application. Furthermore, it allows users to easily search for content and queries using natural language and make it easy to find.

Watch Videos on Youtube:

Using the Application, you can watch your favorite movies and series, live streaming, Netflix, and other interesting videos on youtube.

Easy Searching:

It is as easy as a cup of cake. You need to type the movie or video name. Another method of easy searching is using a microphone by tapping on the microphone button. 

Quick search

Google TV APK is a quick searcher. You can use your voice for quick searching. Ask Google for a quick search of anything of your interest.

Listen to Music :

You can listen to music tracks on your smart TV by searching for your favorite songs on Android TV.

Easy to Navigate:

Navigation in the App is a task for many users. It easily navigates through the film, actors, artists, apps, and album.

Play Fun Games:

Using the Application, You can play different fun games on your Smart TV. You can spend your boring time with fun and entertainment with the Application.

Free to use:

You don,t need to pay any charges to download the Google TV APK. It’s completely free of cost.

Save and secure to use:

This Application is completely safe and secure to use. It is free of all for security treat.


It is an Anti-ban Application which means it prevents users from being banned.

How to Download & Install Google App for Android TV APK?

Download the Android TV APK on your Smart TV now. It will assist you in exploring its wide variety of content and video for your amusement in your leisure time. It would be best to have a strong internet connection and a Google account to download and install this fantastic Application. Both Android TVs and Android phones have a similar operating system. Like your smartphones, you can access Google Play Store and download various apps from the Google play store on Android TV. To install the Application, you need to follow the instructions given below;

  • Turn on the TV and open the Google play store. Search for the Google apps for Android TV APK on the Play Store. When you search for the App, it will appear.
  • Download it on your Android TV. It takes a few seconds to download. Wait for a while
  • After the app download, it will add to your App’s list for Android TV.
  • Now open the App and allow all unknown sources on your Android TV to install the Application.
  • Finally, the Google app for Android TV APK will install on your Smart TV. Open the App now and enjoy its marvelous features, including content, music, movies, live streaming, youtube videos, etc.


The Google app for AndroidTV APK is an astonishing Application for Android TV. It is loaded with multiple features. Moreover, the Application offers users access to a wide range of content and services directly from Smart TV. You can also use this Application to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, live streaming, and other wonderful videos from youtube.

Besides these, you can use the Application to listen to music tracks and play fun games. With this Application, you can spend your leisure time with entertainment. To entertain yourself in your leisure time, you must download this Google TV APK on your Android TV. Surely you will like it.

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December 27, 2022
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