Apple Pie APK for Android

Apple Pie APK:

Are you planning to prank your friends in public? If you are, then Apple Pie APK would be a great choice to play the funniest pranks you ever heard about. Yes, the App will assist you to play the craziest way to prank anyone. Indeed, pranks are fun and always give us some memorable moments to remember. During college, we should have the best quality moments with our mates. Prank your friends and witness their embarrassing moments. You might be thinking about the cost of the APK, but you will be glad to know that it’s 100% free for everyone. Plus, you don’t even have to register to avail of the application services. 

If you are using any social network, you must have heard about the pranks. How funny these are, aren’t they? Apart from it, many folks love to watch funny pranks on youtube and laugh a lot. After watching any prank, you should also consider trying similar pranks on your loved ones and make the moment memorable. Well, you can try Apple Pie APK to get additional and unique ways to prank your friends or family members. 

Nowadays, it is hard to make a gathering with our university fellows or old friends due to our busy schedules. What if you can make your friends and fellas laugh out loud? It would be an excellent idea to spread happiness. Guess what? It’s possible through Apple Pie APK, an incredibly funniest prank application freely available on our site. 

More About Apple Pie APK:

Imagine traveling with your friend on public transport, and everyone is busy doing business. Some passengers read magazines, newspapers, and eBooks, and a few check their social media profiles. In that situation, it would be great to share Apple Pie, featuring Steve Jobs on the top. Everyone would be eager to open the App to check what it is about. When they install the App, their phone will shout like a woman screaming out loud. 

The application will also show some appealing pictures of seductive women wearing hardly any clothes. Even if the phone is muted, it will shout out loud, and your friend will get the attention of everyone in their surrounding. The fun would be double if you witnessed and recorded the scene yourself. It can be an unforgettable memory. However, it won’t be funny for everyone; some would prefer to avoid applying such pranks. But we encourage those willing to do the best tricks with their loved ones. All you have to do is press the download button and get this spectacular App. Or, if you want to know more about it, continue reading the whole article. 

Advantages & Features of Apple Pie APK:

The Apple Pie APK lets users do funny and interesting pranks, making that moment unforgettable. In the modern era, pranks are becoming an essential aspect of entertainment. Plus, millions of folks are watching pranks on youtube, and many content creators have come up with some unique & new ideas to prank friends and family members. However, you must take precautions before applying those pranks to people. These moments undoubtedly create a strong bond between you and your homies. Some of the inspiring advantages of Apple Pie APK are given Below:

Fake Calls with Random Numbers:

Make fake calls with your friends and shock them with the renowned voices of celebrities or public figures. They would not recognize that it’s you, so feel free to apply it to your loved ones anytime and make it unforgettable.

Customization of Wallpapers:

Set random ugly wallpapers on your friend’s mobile phones and make them wonder how it happened. When they came to know, they would laugh out loud.

Time & Scheduling:

Some pranks can be scheduled at a specific time. You can set any time and arrange the funniest pranks for that particular time.

Camera Effects:

Now, you can apply various filters to your camera and take funny pictures. Add comic features or new facial expressions of your friends. Such features will distort reality and make you the opposite of yourself.

Send Funny Messages:

Apple Pie APK has dozens of default funny messages having the potential to make anyone laugh anytime. You can send those messages to your friends and make them laugh in profound moments like parent-teacher meetings. 

Sound Effects:

The App also contains a set of various sounds, including funny, horror, raining clouds, thunderstorms, etc. After listening to such sounds, one could believe it was happening there.

How to Download & Install Apple Pie APK?

Luckily, no complicated steps are involved in downloading third-party Apps on Android devices. However, you must follow the below steps to get your desired application.

  • Press the download button, and then you will be redirected to the download page.
  • Please wait a few seconds, and the process will start itself.
  • Make sure to allow unknown sources from your device settings. If you are not familiar with these settings, don’t panic; we’ll help you attain them all.
  • Go to menu>settings>security>unknown sources and activate it.
  • And then, you can install Apple Pie on your device.
  • The App installation might ask for some permission, follow those necessary protocols.
  • After completing these steps, you can open your selected application, pick your favorite features and use them freely.

Final Words:

Finally, you should download Apple Pie APK and make funny pranks with your close ones. The App is free of cost and can easily be usable on all sorts of Android devices. As a content creator, you can get dozens of new content ideas from this application. However, please apply all safety precautions before applying these pranks. Plus, there is no need to register yourself to use the App. It could not feel well on all sorts of folks, so don’t try it on strangers. Only make pranks on your close friend’s circle who have a similar sense of humor to yours. Bookmark our site for 100% free APKs & Games if you want identical Android apps.

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August 19, 2023