Huawei Manager APK for Android

Huawei Manager APK:

Huawei Mobile APK is a powerful Android App that allows user to manage their Huawei devices easily. The App provides the user access to all the Apps. Moreover, the tool also manages the installed apps on the device. You can see all the installed apps on your device and can install the apps anytime from your Smartphone. In addition, This Application is designed to provide users with a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to manage various aspects of the devices like contacts, apps, messages, etc. Moreover, the App provides detailed information about each App, such as its version, size and permission, and others.

This Application offers various stunning features to its users. Some of the key features of the App include the ability to manage and organize contacts. Using the Application users can back up, export, and import the contacts to and from their devices. In addition, you can also merge duplicate contacts. Moreover, the App allows users to easily manage their messages, including archive, delete, and backup texts. Besides these, it also offers some advanced features to the users, including Huawei ID, push notifications, payment, and other services.

Huawei Manager APK is the official file manager that allows users access to any file and logs saved on their devices. Using the Application, you can use all your files and folders on the Android device smoothly and intuitively. Moreover, The App will make your life much easier. To download and install the Application on your Huawei device, click on the download button given above.

How does Huawei Manager APK work?

Using the tool is so simple. To use the Application, you have to follow the following steps,

  • Download and install the Huawei Manager APK on your Huawei device
  • Allow all unknown sources from the setting and open the App.
  • The main screen of your Huawei device shows all the apps currently installed on your device.
  • To view all the apps, tap on all tabs.
  • To install the new App, you need to download and install the App from either a Google play store or any other official website.
  • To update the App, you have to go into all tabs and update the apps that have been available update. Select the App and click on the update button to start updating process of the App
  • To uninstall the App, go to all, tap and select the App which you want to uninstall, and uninstall it by clicking on the uninstall button. 
  • To optimize the performance of your device, you can use the optimize feature, which allows you to clear cache and close background apps.
  • To optimize the battery, go into the battery optimization process and click on it.

Features of Huawei Manager APK:

The Huawei Manager APK is a tool developed by Huawei to manage App files on its device. It allows users to easily access, install, update and uninstall apps from the Huawei App gallery, which is Huawei’s official app store. This Application offers many incredible and stunning features to the users. Some of the key features of the Application are given below,

File Management:

The tool allows users to create, copy, move, rename, and delete files and folders.

App Management:

Users can view the App which is installed on their devices. Moreover, you can easily uninstall the App and clear the cache and App permissions.

File Browsing:

This Application allows users to navigate through the file system and review the contents of the different files.

Battery Management:

Using the tool, users can view the battery performance of the apps or battery usage statistics. Besides these, you can also manage files and folders on the device.


The App allows users to search for files by name or file type.

Phone Clone:

The users can clone all data, which include contact, messages, photo, and apps, from their old device to the new one.

Performance Management:

Huawei Manager App helps the users to optimize the Huawei device performance by closing all the background apps, managing to start up, and clearing memory.

Storage Management:

Users can view the storage or the storage usage statistics of the device as well as manage files and folders on the device.

How to Download and install the Huawei Manager APK?

Huawei Manager APK is a tool developed by Huawei for managing various features and setting on Huawei Android devices. When installing a third-party App, download it from a well-known source. To download and install the Huawei Manager APk on your device, follow the following steps given below,

  • Scroll up the page and click on the download button at the top of the page
  • Downloading process of the App takes a few seconds. Once the App is downloaded. Tap on the install button
  • To install an app, allow all unknown sources from your Android setting and security.
  • After the installation process is completed, the Huawei Manager APK will appear on your home screen. Tap on the icon to open the App.


Huawei Manager APK is a tool designed by Huawei that allows users to manage and access all the installed apps, files, and folders on the device. This Application provides users with a convenient way to view and manage essential apps such as battery management, app management, storage management, performance management, phone clone, searching, and many others. Besides these, it has a user-friendly interface and easy to navigate App. It allows quick access and management to the App, file, folder, and other settings on the device. Additionally, it provides other incredible features, which include cloning all the data, such as contact, message, photos, App from the old Huawei device to the new one. Using the Application, you can use all the files on the Android device smoothly and intuitively. Download and install the Application from the link above.

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January 22, 2023