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The majority of people want to store their personal photos and videos on their Smartphones but they don’t want anyone else to be able to access the data even if the images and videos are present. To secure your sensitive photos and videos from unauthorized access, we are here with a fantastic privacy protection App named Gallery Vault APK which is particularly designed to hide your personal photos, videos, and other files on your Android devices. It safeguards your photos and videos by creating a hidden and password-protected vault within your device. It ensures your personal and sensitive data remain protected from unauthorized access. Gallery Vault APK content rating is everyone and can be downloaded and installed on Android devices. Download the Application now and keep your photos, videos, and other media file hidden from others to see.

Gallery Vault APK:

Gallery Vault APK is a privacy protection App that provides a convenient and secure solution to safeguard your photos, video, and multimedia files. It enables you to secure and hide your personal photos and videos on your Android device so that only you can access the content. Moreover, the fantastic Application allows you to download photos and videos from the web onto your Android devices or tablet. Users can easily import their private images and videos into this secure vault, and nobody knows its existence.

Gallery Vault is an astonishing App for anyone who wishes to protect or secure the saved files on their Android devices. In addition to this, you can even hide its own app icon to provide a level of security. It has an intuitive and clean interface that enables you to easily navigate through the app function. Furthermore, the App offers a range of features. One of the most interesting features of the Application is its security option that makes it possible to establish both a fake and real PIN. This means when someone enters the fake PIN on an Android device, they can open the App and will see only the photos which you have selected.

Features of Gallery Vault APK:

Gallery Vault APK offers a wide range of amazing features. Some of the key features of the valuable Application are as follows,

File protection:

Gallery Vault APK protects your media files with powerful encryption techniques. It encrypts your files, rendering them inaccessible even if unauthorized persons gain access to your device. Encryption keeps your images, videos, and other material private and secure.

Password, PIN, and Fingerprint Lock:

The App allows you to add an extra degree of protection by setting up a password, PIN code, or fingerprint lock. This ensures that your hidden files are only accessible to you. In addition, the app supports fingerprint recognition, providing convenient and safe access to your protected content or data

Fake Vault:

This feature allows you to create a “fake” vault within the app, which can be accessed with a separate PIN or password. It adds an extra degree of protection by concealing your sensitive photos and files in a fake vault.


Gallery Vault may use a strong encryption mechanism to protect your files. This ensures that even if someone gains access to your device or the app’s data, they won’t be able to view or modify the encrypted files

Hide the App’s Icon:

The app’s icon is hidden from the home screen and app drawer in stealth mode, this makes it more challenging for other people to find and access the app.

Cloud Backup:

Gallery Vault provides you the choice to save a backup of your protected data on a cloud storage platform like Google Drive, Dropbox, or another one. This function makes sure that your data may be recovered from the cloud even if you lose your device. 

Private Web Browser:

The useful Application has its own private browser that allows users to download and upload data from their hidden Ip address and search list. Furthermore, it allows you to transfer and hide the content or multimedia files on your SD card

Simple and Intuitive interface:

It has a simple and intuitive interface. Users can easily understand and navigate the Application without any difficulty which makes it easy for anyone to use the App on their Android devices


  • The App protects your images, videos, and other multimedia on your Smartphone so that only you can access the multimedia files of your Android devices.
  • The security features of the App like PIN, password, and fingerprint recognition provide an extra layer of protection to your device.
  • The Application supports many languages for users across the world.


  • Recent updates caused problems regarding unlocking and users trying to access their hidden files 
  • The valuable App requires administration permission from the device that gives it access to the whole device

How to use Gallery Vault APK?

To use Gallery Vault APK on your Android device follow the steps given below,

  • Firstly, download the Gallery Vault APK from the provided download link or reliable source.
  • Once downloaded, navigate to your device security setting and enable all unknown sources and, then click on the install button.
  • After the installation is completed. Search for the App icon on your Android device home screen or App drawer. Tap on the icon to launch it.
  • When you open the App for the first time, you need to set up a PIN, password, or fingerprint to secure your data. Create a strong password to make it difficult for others to guess.
  • Once you set up the security password. Tap on the “Import” button and select the photos, videos, or files which you want to hide from the others.
  • To access your protected multimedia file, enter your PIN, password, or pattern and view the secure content.


Gallery Vault APK is a powerful Android Application to protect and manage your personal photos, videos, and other files on your device. It ensures the privacy and security of your sensitive data. Moreover, the useful Application offers several incredible features including file protection, encryption, PIN, password or fingerprint lock, hide App icon, fake vault, cloud backup, user-friendly interface, and many more. Download and install the Gallery Vault APK on your Android device and enjoy the fabulous features provided by the App.

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July 21, 2023
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