Volume Button APK for Android

Volume Button APK:

Volume Button APK is a unique Android Application that is useful when your android device volume key stops working. It allows users to control the volume of their Smartphones without using the physical volume buttons. Upon installation, It can be moved on the Screen to be placed anywhere on the side edge; It stimulates the volume control functionality of the phone’s physical key volume. Moreover, It offers many premium and potential features, including a volume booster, Screen on/off, lower Brightness, a single button, and many others. Besides these, You can change this volume button’s color, transparency, volume, and opacity. The volume key on the Screen works exactly like the volume button on your Smartphone.

It is an Application that is useful for people having difficulty accessing the volume controls on their phones. Furthermore, It is a simple and free Android app that can always adjust the volume of your Smartphone. It is a helpful tool for Music or audio, movies, and other video content. Besides these, You will find a variety of Volume Button Apps to choose from on the internet. With the help of this App, You can control the sound of your android device if the volume key of your Smartphone is not working. Besides these, it also increases the life of the volume button of your Smartphone.

Volume Button APK is particularly designed for people whose Android device’s Volume button is unable to use or who have a hearing issue. In addition, it is a helpful Application for those who don,t want to distract from the Screen for changes. By now, they can freely choose the volume button APK to control various functions such as the volume of their media, ring, calls, alarm, notifications, Brightness, the Screen, etc. It is a valuable tool for anyone with difficulty physically using the volume button. To download and install this amazing App, click on the download button above.

How to use Volume Button APK?

  • Tap the download link button of the App given at the top of this page
  • Download and install the Volume Button APK 
  • After App is installed, you can find the Volume Button App on Your Android Home screen.
  • Slide the volume button on the screen to increase and decrease the volume of the media stream and other functions.

Features of Volume Button APK:

Volume Button APK is a simple Android app that allows users to customize the functionality of the device volume buttons. This simple tool offers many awesome features for Smartphone users. Here are some potential features that the Application offers which include,

  • Adding additional buttons to the volume control interface. It is used to increase and decrease the volume of specific audio streams, for example, media, calls, and notifications.
  • Allowing users to adjust the volume of their devices rather than pressing the physical volume button.
  • Enable users to lock the volume buttons to prevent accidental changes.
  • The Screen on/off: power key stimulator and auto screen ON using proximity sensor
  • Volume Booster: Boost the volume of speakers more than the phone’s maximum volume
  • Lower Brightness: lower the Brightness than the phone’s lowest screen brightness.
  • Style: Appy the predefined style with one click
  • Single button: shows only one button on the Screen; press on that button will open the sliders you choose. Such as media, Speaker and volume booster, ringtone, notification, call, ringtone, Brightness, darkness(lower Brightness)
  • It controls a wide range of media volumes, from normal to boost volume and normal Brightness to lower Brightness.
  • Power button: It shows an additional button that acts as a phone’s physical power key.
  • The auto screen on It uses a proximity sensor to turn on the Screen. When you use the sensor, the Screen will turn on without pressing any key. By now, you can turn off the Screen with the power button on the Screen and turn it on the Screen with the proximity sensor.
  • No Interruption in Typing: It prevents interruption in typing by automatically moving the button up when the keyboard opens so that it doesn’t disturb your typing.

Additional features of the Volume Button APK:

Some of the common additional features that the App offers include the following,

  • It is easy to use
  • It is free to use
  • It is the fastest Application to download
  • Bug-fix app
  • Ads free App
  • It has a user-friendly interface

How to download and install the Application?

The Volume Button APK is a helpful Application that is particularly helpful for those who have difficulty using the Android device due to physical impairment or disabilities. To download and install the Application, you need to follow the step given below,

  • Scroll up the page and click on the download link given above.
  • After clicking on the download button, wait for a while because it takes a few seconds to download
  • Once the App is downloaded completely, the second step is to install the App on your Smartphone.
  • To install an App, you need to allow all unknown sources on your phone security and setting
  • Once the installation process is complete, the App will be ready to use
  • Slide the Volume button key on your smartphone screen to control various functions of your android device.


Overall, the Volume Button APK is a simple Android app used to adjust the volume of your Smartphone when your physical volume button is unusable. It is a valuable android tool for individuals who have difficulty tapping on the Screen or pressing physical buttons. In addition, it is a useful Application who have difficulty using their smartphones due to physical impairment or disability of their smartphone volume button. Moreover, It provides many premium and awesome features that fascinate the user to download the App. It offers potential features such as Screen on/ off, volume booster, Brightness, single button, and many others. It creates a floating button on your Screen, which you can place anywhere on the user’s Screen. So, it is a free and user-friendly app. you must download and install it on your Smartphone. It will surely make your life easier.

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January 2, 2023
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